Stress to Rest | The Neuroscience Of Your Brain On Yoga

Saturday July 20
@ Bloomfield Yoga
(2 hrs CEUs)

Join Dr. Layla Banihashemi, PhD, MS and Maryellen Baverso, RYT 500-hr, on an exploration of the impact of stress on physiology and its long-term consequences. Learn how early experiences shape our brain and body reactivity to stress and how yoga and meditation can restore physiological balance. Study effective breathing techniques for relaxation, focus and sleep, along with an accessible movement sequence that targets specific components of the stress response to bring rest into your everyday. Prepare to take notes, ask questions, move and breath together in this continued education journey about the neuroscience of yoga.

Class open and available to yoga teachers, non-yoga teachers and/or students.  

About the Teachers :

Layla Banihashemi, Ph.D., M.S., Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, RYT 200:
Dr. Layla Banihashemi has been researching the neuroscience of stress for 15 years. Her research focuses on brain circuits that control physiological responses to stress and how these circuits may be shaped by childhood experiences, including abuse or traumatic events. Dr. Banihashemi’s innovative work has been recognized with awards and honors from the American Psychosomatic Society, Society of Biological Psychiatry and Society for Neuroscience and has been featured in The Guardian and The Washington Post. Layla has also been practicing yoga for 17 years and completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training with Pittsburgh’s Schoolhouse Yoga in 2014. She has acquired training in mindfulness and yoga for trauma recovery with the Veterans Yoga Project and has engaged in workshops with Max Strom. Layla has taught yoga in the Pittsburgh community, including the Pitt Vets, and at Our Clubhouse, a cancer-support network in the Strip District. She has provided workshops and seminars at the University of Pittsburgh for the Women in Medicine & Science Forum and the Annual Mindfulness Fair. She is dedicated to the advancement of science and the improvement of human health.

Maryellen Baverso, RYT 500:
Maryellen believes in a constant path of self-discovery through the practices of yoga. She’s been in the world of education since 2010, and has been actively studying and sharing yoga since 2014. As a teacher, she wants students to feel alive and inspired by the work they create in the classroom, and feel more confident, honest, open to create and move beyond their mats. Maryellen is passionate about community, therefore dedicated to several different programs that offer an array of movement and mindfulness practices. Maryellen is an adjunct professor in the Wellness Program at Chatham University, where she teaches Yoga and Relaxation, as well as Health and Wellness courses. Maryellen is a movement teacher for OpenUp, a local non-profit that brings movement accessibility to students with disabilities. Finally, she leads weekly studio classes at Bloomfield Yoga, South Hills Power Yoga, and One Point One Yoga. Maryellen believes continued education in movement and meditation is what will continue to strengthen Pittsburgh’s community of yoga educators and practitioners alike.