class descriptions: 


75-minute heated vinyasa yoga class suitable for students with some yoga experience. Faster paced than our foundations classes, open classes are set in a 85-90-degree room and offer opportunities for advanced backbends, inversions, and arm balances. Often includes music. Expect to move, breathe, and sweat. Those new to yoga are welcome to take an open class, though a foundations class is more appropriate for the first-time practitioner. 


60-minute heated vinyasa class focusing on the building blocks of vinyasa yoga. Foundations classes are set in a 85-90-degree room and are slower paced, offering more in-depth instruction than our open classes. This class is designed for those new to heated yoga, as well as experienced yogis interested in refining their practice. You're right where you need to be to start. 

pay what you can (pwyc)

No really, pay whatever you can. 60-minute unheated vinyasa yoga class suitable for beginning and experienced students alike. Often includes music. Always fun. Cash only. (Donations go to a different local non-profit each month.)

unheated gentle flow

This approachable class incorporates slow, gentle movement linked to breath and often includes meditation. With an emphasis on stretching and relaxation, it is perfect for individuals looking for a classic non-heated yoga class without "yoga push-ups" or long weight-bearing holds. 

unheated restorative

This gentle, restful class is designed to balance your nervous system and calm your body. Blankets, blocks, and other props are used to support your body, creating deep and blissful relaxation. This one-hour practice is ideal for anyone recovering from illness or injury. It is also the perfect balance for stress and hectic lifestyles. 

unheated all bodies welcome 

This class is a combination of meditation, breath work, and movement intended for all abilities. You will experiment with balance, strength, flexibility, and stillness while practicing mindfulness. Personalization through props and variations in postures are encouraged to guide you in honoring your body. We will move slowly through an extended warm up, leading to standing flowing sequences, and end in a restorative relaxation pose.

free meditation

A 30-minute seated meditation that provides some guidance but gives you plenty of space to be with your breath. Props are available. 


Acroyoga brings together the practice of yoga and partnered acrobatics.  Take your yoga practice out of the private solo container of your mat and into collaboration with others in your yoga community. Collaborative practice brings communication, consent, vulnerability and trust into the picture. Oh and of course, lets not forget, its a great way to remember how to PLAY!  Come with OR without someone you would like to practice with. We typically work in groups of 3-5 anyway, so students can expect to try multiple partnerships within their group. Let's practice doing more together than we can do on our own! 

class prices: 

drop-in rates, class & unlimited passes

intro special
10 Days for $10 (complete details)

drop-in rates: 
$17 / Student $12

class passes (good for six months): 
5 class pass: $65 ($13/class) / student: $55 ($11/class)

10 class pass: $120 ($12/class) / student: $100 ($10/class)

20 class pass: $220 ($11/class) / student: $180 ($9/class)

30 class pass: $300 ($10/class) / student: $240 ($8/class)
unlimited passes: 
30 day unlimited: $125 / student $110

90 day unlimited: $300/ student $270

the out-of-towner 7 day unlimited: $45