Work Trade Program

We believe that yoga should be available to all regardless of financial circumstances. In addition to taking our twice weekly Pay What You Can classes, you can pay for your yoga by working twenty minutes before and 15 minutes after a class, preparing the studio and then cleaning up. And exchanging your labor for yoga is a way to become more involved in the BFY community.

To take part in the work trade program, you'll need to commit to working at least one class weekly, though you are welcome to work more classes as your schedule, and ours, allows. We also have opportunities for work trade outside of individual classes, especially if you are someone who lives nearby.

Before applying to our Work Trade program, we’d like you to get to know our studio and style of yoga by taking a few classes. Affordable options include signing up for the $10 Introductory Special or attending one of our Pay What You Can Classes. Then, if you're interested in working for your yoga, fill out the form below. 

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